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What's the water like?

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Dipping my toes for the first time into the sea of blogging. Lets see how this goes...

You know what sod that I am just going to dive straight in, that's the best way isn't it?

So when I was walking home from dropping the boys at school (my wife is a nurse so get key-worker place) I was thinking about of something that could explain what is needed in a high performing multi disciplinary team and came up with this. #RESPECT.

Realistic Expectations

Skilled People


Continuous Traction.

I fee this works on many levels as respect in its truest sense is paramount to enable the feedback loops required. Also as my cheesy acronym eludes to, you need as a team to have Realistic Expectation on what you can achieve in the sprint don't set yourselves a goal that you can't achieve.

Skilled People, well this is a bit of a given you need the right skilled people in the team to be able to goal, and ensuring that if you need more specialist skills that you factor those in at the right time.

Equals .. don't need to explain that do I? :)

Continuous Traction, so the goal is we move towards achieving that sprint goal, vision etc but that is not always forwards so I felt traction was a good word (and it started with T) to show that as long as that is movement it gets you closer to you end goal.

So here is the start of my ramblings hope you have enjoyed ...

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