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And Breathe.......

A reflective post after a while......

So been a while since I have updated and to be honest even thought about this site. It's been there in the back of my mind for a while nagging at me to get it back up and running but I didn't have the mental bandwidth to put into words something worth sharing..(I'll let you judge if this is!)

So lots has happened since I last updated here the world seems to be struggling to recover from the pandemic (yeah remember that). The good vibes where there was a glimmer of hope for humanity joining as one seems to have dissipated quickly being replaced by prejudice, corporate greed, political chess and war re-igniting from old power struggles.

Personally I have also gone on a journey of change, struggle and awakening. I have come to understand and more importantly accept that I cannot and will not be able to change those things so I must focus on what I can influence and change, which I my family, friends, work and I how harmonise them in a way that means I can give my best to all without pouring from the empty bucket.

Cathartic reflection over I hear you say, what is the point of this blog and what can I take from this?

Well to be honest I am not sure what you will take from this I am merely going to share things that most already know.

  • Make and take time for yourself

  • Exercise you body within your capability, along with your mind to create that balance

  • Make time for things that bring you joy, such as family, friends, hobbies etc

  • Be authentic each day - this does not mean staying in comfort zone, merely ensuring that you stick to your values

  • Prioritise rigorously you don't have to do it all you undoubtedly have friends, family and work colleagues you can delegate to

  • Journal in a way that feels natural to you. I have started this recently in a way that feels unforced and a way I can stick with after failing to stick to this with a pen and paper I have downloaded an app that reminds me aswell

  • and most importantly be honest with yourself

    • if you are struggling seek help

    • be thankful for what you have

    • if things are not making you happy, then make changes to them or how you interact with them

I hoped this helped you in some way

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