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But I don't wanna go ........

So today is lifting of restriction day in the UK. Many of us are now facing the prospect and potentially anxiety of returning to the office in the near future. I say return office because I hate (strong word I know) it being badged as returning to work!!!

Most of the laptop worker generation, have arguably been working harder and longer during the pandemic than if they were in the office. This had led to a feeling of burnout for many as they struggle with the work and life balance shift the pandemic has brought. I know I certainly miss that commute, as unlikely as that would have once seemed. That 45-60 minutes at the start of each day help me get into the mindset needed for the day and at the end of the day, the chance to destress on the way home.

For those of us lucky enough to be able to work remotely the move back to office is potentially a daunting one for some and a sweet blessed relief for other. Those that have been working in makeshift home offices, managing their children or alone, may welcome the chance to escape the confines of the last 16 months. Then there are those who like myself have got used to the routine and the chance to spend more time with their loved ones, who are anxious about the impact on what has become the new normal.

Employers and employees need to manage this transition carefully, through open and honest collaboration. Especially across the digital and tech space, the market is buoyant at the moment and has been for the past few months. As hiring companies look to attract talent outside of their usual catchment area, and talent look to grasp an opportunity that previously they may have been unable to take due to location.

There is no precedence for this situation to look back at learn from, and sorry there is no cookie cutter approach that can be applied. Each organisation and their employees must work together to determine what is right for their business and employees.

My only advice to businesses is that a happy worker is more productive so try to accommodate your employees needs as best you can. For employees be open and honest with your employer about your situation and feelings.

More importantly for both this is a chance for a win win situation that will set the future ways of working for you organisation.

I feel lucky to work for an employer who is taking that approach, lets see how this all pans out and if you are anxious there is no need to hide it or feel that you are the only one. There is help and support out there either in you organisation or your network, so reach out and use it.

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