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so I failed .....

You may have noticed that it has been around a week since I last posted anything or been around social media.

The reason is that I failed. I failed to listen to my own advice, I didn't protect the asset, I didn't try to control the controllables.

I let work and personal stuff get on top of me and I burnt myself out, leading to the mother of all migraines that wiped me out for nearly 4 days.

Why am I sharing this? Well 3 main reasons:

  1. It's okay to fail it how you bounce back that is important

  2. I hope that you will learn from my mistake and not let it happen to you

  3. So I can admit it, log it, learn from it and move forward

So why did I ignore the advice I freely provide to others? What was I not doing?

Well I stopped putting my needs on my backlog, or if they were on there I de-prioritised them in favour of things I could nothing about.

Looking back the week off I had where I felt re-energised was just a sticky plaster to a issue that was bubbling under the surface. I still put the needs of my family and my work above my needs, I stopped exercising so I could fit in work and family commitments. I didn't realise how detrimentally this was impacting my mental health along with my physical health.

So now my personal mission is clear:

  • Take and make time for me,

  • go to bed and get up early to go for that run or cycle

  • cut out the caffeine crutch

  • set realistic targets

  • learn to say no

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